The Twenty-fifth Year

This morning, I realized that in less than two weeks, I will be twenty-six. I’m not too fond of birthdays anyway, but what the hell is twenty-six? Will I still be considered mid-twenties? When do those end? When is it not acceptable to run down a busy street with a giant tiger in tow?

Oh. Its not acceptable at twenty-five? My bad.

Anyway, as of right now, I boycott twenty-six. I quit you, aging. Done.

Twenty five wasn’t bad. I managed to accomplish quite a bit. (You know what this means, its list time! Yay! Er…whatever…)

Things I accomplished during my twenty-fifth year:

1. I managed to stay single for the entirety of it.
2. I got a new job.
3. I got a new car.
4. I got a new roommate and a new apartment.
5. Then I got another apartment without her.
6. I managed to find the only dead guy willing to drive a car and get right in his way.
7. I was brave and wrote a letter that changed everything.
8. I went to Las Vegas.
9. My JGJ found me.
10. I met a lot of interesting and unique people*.
11. I decided not to hate white wine anymore.
12. I got rid of Pinhead (after years and years of torturous arguing).
13. I managed to not quit smoking. (Go, me! What a goal!)
14. I got my LBG back and then got to watch her graduate.
15. I got stickers with me and Spliff on them.

I am pretty proud. Wouldn’t you be? Yeah…don’t hate.

* Fucking crazy and deranged.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Lake of Fire" - Nirvana


Coconut Pete said...

i'm so proud of ya shugga...you're the wind beneath my wings, luv ya

soopadoopachaloopa said...

stickers so rule. and don't forget you paid classmates.com (and i know i still owe you like 20 for it i'm just short right now... and for the last 25 years).

spaceface said...

It was 15 bucks!

And I told you, I don't MIND paying 15 bucks for a shiny new JGJ...