I don’t remember getting dressed this morning. Most days, I wake up a full hour and a half after the time I actually get up. I will shower, drive to work, sit down and have a conversation with you. But I won’t know about it. I wake up sometime around 9am, and find that I have magically appeared at my desk with a cup of coffee in my left hand and a telephone strategically placed (and fixed) into my right hand. It’s a strange phenomenon. But it is they way of my world.

This morning, I (in my slumber/preparation for work ritual) put on the devil shoes. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. But I did, this time, have the common sense to bring another pair so that, instead of beating someone over the head with the devil shoes when the pain and frustration got the better of me, I would just take them off and slide into my lovely, comfy, and far more unattractive shoes.

The cute devil shoes lasted until 10am. It was a pretty good stretch, I think.

I am not blaming the devil shoes for my sour mood though. Really, I think it is just all of this weather. Sunny and warm and breezy. Its making me nuts. My office is kept at just about the same temperature as a morgue. And there are no windows. And the phone rings constantly and all I can do is pray that I am not going to be stuck on the phone for a half hour with someone who has no idea what they are trying to ask me…or if they need to ask me anything at all. (oh, god do I love that!)

If I can just make it through today, tomorrow will be more than worth the struggle.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Holes to Heaven" - Jack Johnson

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