So, I have twenty minutes left at the office and here is what is new.

Lucy (the car) is leaking something and I have to take her to Willie (the step-dad) after work to make sure she is okay. (D’oh!)

I cannot listen to the “Thicker than Water” soundtrack again for as long as I live.

Spliff, JGJ and Pica should be here by the time I get home from work tomorrow.

I am desperately in need of groceries.

The girl who introduced me to Spliff eleven years ago (AKA the one who has mysteriously stopped talking to everyone in Florida who cares about her) has a child who I have never seen. Periodically, I check her husband’s blog and today I found that he has posted more pictures of said child. I feel like a cyber stalker when I look at it. But I have accepted the fact that I will never see any of them again outside of it. It causes me to be pissed off, sad, and happy for them all at the same time.

I have become a Diet Root Beer addict. And I am not ashamed.

They should pay me to sit at my desk and read blogs. Oh yeah, and I don’t want to come in until ten and I want to leave at 2. And I will need an office and a secretary. Please and thank you.

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The Complimenting Commenter said...

That is a hilarious post. I hope that car is ok and that something just needs to be tightened. Great job description for reading blogs, I'd sign up!