A Poltergeist and the Return of Boy

I have a poltergeist at my desk.

Yes. A poltergeist. Every couple of days, the power at my desk just…goes out. Just at my desk and Mrs. P’s. (And the copier and the shredder). This has been going on for a couple of weeks. So, I am working and then…fizzle, fizzle, zzzzap, blackness.

Yesterday, it happened like this.

Susie Sunshine: AH! What happened to the copier?
Me: We just lost power.
Susie Sunshine: Where’d it go?
Me: Ummm….Away?
Susie Sunshine: (Approaching with hands on hips…) Brilliant.

Five minutes later after calling the idiot maintenance people who come every day and “fix” the problem:

Susie Sunshine: Did you find it yet?
Me: Nope.

Five minutes later. The “fixers” are here working and the power comes back on.

Two minutes later, it went out again.

Five minutes later, the “fixers” had it working again.

But they were back today. And I am sure they will be back tomorrow. And Monday…….and so on. And so on. And so on. I need to hold an exorcism. Anyone know how to do that?

Because of this lovely poltergeist, has brought the reoccurrence of Boy. Yep. Long time since I mentioned HIM, eh? Well, he started some rather serious email banter last week and has been calling my office to harass me all day today. It’s rather funny actually. Although, I did have to threaten to come over there and tie him up and make him listen to Barry Manilow for the remainder of the work week. Because at the end of the work wee, I have plans that involve beer. And NO Barry Manilow.

But, if nothing else, I did teach him the definition of “thingamabob”.

thingamabob n : something whose name is either forgotten or not known [syn: dohickey, dojigger, doodad, doohickey, gimmick, hickey, gizmo, gismo, gubbins, thingumabob, thingmabob, thingamajig, thingumajig, thingmajig, thingummy]


Dr.John said...

Perhaps, your poltergeist could be persuaded to pop over and bother boy. You need a moving spell. Just remember its the thingamabob that does the job.

Jill said...

Sounds like an episode of Twilight Zone! How weird!