Sex and Violence

So…Evidently, according to a few of you, I don’t include enough sex and violence in my posts.

The stats don’t lie, people. People are finding me because they want to know “how to give great fellatio”. Not to mention the fact that I got shot eleven times the other day. (That’s two more times than Fiddy) and I am still alive. (Diet Gangsta my ASS.)

And I can’t remember the last time I didn’t want to kick someone in the teeth.

That should count for something. I can’t help it if I am kind of G-Rated.

Dammit people. Give me a break. I’m just a blogger, not a rapper/porn star. Cheesus.


shirley said...

Not to mention you keep threatening to space in people's faces. Eeek!

soopadoopachaloopa said...

thank you criz, now i can go down to the docks and make some real money. mmmmmmm seamen.

also, shirley... i got my face spaced on once and it's not that bad (keep your eyes closed).

shirley said...

Now you tell me!