Hope and the Last Day of School

For the first time in a really long time, I went to work in a good mood today.

And not because it was Friday or because I get a long weekend (which, by the way, I don’t) or because I won a large sum of money (Ummm…right…)

Nope. Yesterday, I got pulled into the “Pit”…otherwise known as The Supervisor’s Office.

Very shady things have been happening in my office. Things that directly and indirectly affect me. Things that I have been blamed for even. (When everyone knows who the culprit really is.) And I have been on my best behavior. Speaking to no one who does not speak to me. Being polite. Being professional. But yet again, things have surfaced. And this time, I believe that a change is in the works. Actually, I am sure that a change is in the works. As I was informed today, per my conversations with the Assistant and Supervisor yesterday, there was a meeting with Administration today to remedy the office drama. And I’d like to think (actually, because I know) that this had something to do with me.

And so, coming into work today was…well…exciting. And I felt hopeful for the first time in a very long time. I felt that if I could just hang on for just a little while longer, things would get better and we would weed out…the bad seeds. And that, well, that’s the best I could wish for right now. No one wants to hate going to work. And when that starts with one person, it doesn’t end until it infects the mood and morale of the whole department.

So yes, I am hopeful.

On top of that, the day was slow enough that I was able to get a lot done. (And then spend a lot of time daydreaming and reading blogs.) I had to say good bye to the two docs who started their fellowships with us a few weeks after I started in my department. I’ve come to feel as though we had kind of…grown up together. We were all new at the same time, teaching each other the ropes as we went along. They each stopped by today to say goodbye and it was hard to watch them go. I’m happy for them, though. They are moving on and doing what they set out to do, it’s just difficult to know that next week, two more will come to take their places. I do hope they keep in touch. They had started to feel like family, unlike the staff physicians who are kind of just…there. Kind of felt like the last day of my senior year. Remember that feeling?

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