Classes, The Cowardly Lion and Paula Abdul

This morning I had to attend a “class” for work (which is much like a “meeting” except that someone other than my supervisor talks…and sometimes it is almost worth listening) and had to be at the office 45 minutes earlier than normal to listen to some lady “teach” us how to use email. I ask you, is there anyone out there who doesn’t know how to use their Outlook? I mean, I can understand this if you have never been required to use it before (I guess) or if you had been raised in the woods by wolves, but seriously? Teaching a bunch of secretaries how to use it? When it is an integral part of our every day lives? When we can’t even function normally without it? We need training why???

Either way, it was just like everything else. A waste of time. Time that I could have spent curled up in bed dreaming about sweet things. Like Ben Harper. And calorie-free cakes and cookies. Instead, the alarm didn’t go off and I slept until 15 minutes before I was supposed to be leaving. Magically, I was able to shower, get dressed, and put makeup on before running down the stairs (almost stepping on Ernge), out the door and to my car. Sometimes, I am amazed at what I can do when in fear of having to deal with my supervisor in any capacity.

In other news, American Idol is back on. I’m sure that no one in the blogosphere knew that. And I am certain that no one is blogging about it today. But can I just tell you that, holy crap, I love watching people go on National Television and insist that they really CAN sing and it is obviously the judges and the entire country who are wrong! I was especially frightened by that cowardly lion chick. What the hell? Does she think that since pop music has allowed for people like Mariah Carey (who used to have a beautiful voice) to stop singing altogether, that what it needs is someone who can sing like the Cowardly Lion? Is that what was going through her head as she made her little poster for the mean/drunk/fat judges? While she was fixing her pigtails and scaring Ryan Seacrest with the unearthly noise that seems to come, not from her mouth, but from somewhere deep within her being? Can someone please shed some light on this issue for me? I would REALLY appreciate it. Frankly, I’m frightened.

And what the hell is up with Paula? Has she decided that hiding her drug addiction/alcoholism to be on television is cutting into the time she spends blitzed out of her mind? Is that why she looks like she has been chasing her Vicodin with vodka? Excuse me for being a little dramatic, but can we really trust Paula to help determine who goes to Hollywood? Can we?!

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Leo said...

Interesting post! The lion chick was scary, but not as bad as some of the other people. I watch, but find myself feeling really embarrassed for most of them. Last season I was simply amazed by just how blitzed out of her mind Paula was most of the time. Does she not realize how obvious it is that she's tripping on something? You'd think at least the producers or somebody would have the common sense to send her to rehab. Anyway, should be another interesting season!-lol