I do, Zach Braff, I do

Some of you might remember a couple of months ago when I watched Garden State for the thirty seven thousandth time and then promptly logged on to myspace to propose to Zach Braff. You might also remember that I then blogged about it. Naturally, with Zach being a busy guy and everything, he didn’t answer me and I became a little worried that he did not want to marry me. But then today, I was reading his blog and he answered a few questions that people have asked him lately one of them being “will you marry me?” and it has been confirmed. Zach Braff and I are engaged. I am thinking about a Spring wedding, but you know, that will depend on his schedule since he is like, only the funniest, brilliant, most adorable guy EVER…but I am thinking April of 2008. (Jazz, if you are reading this, don’t get mad at me about stealing your thunder, surely you understand that I can only marry Zach Braff when he is available. Duh.)

The moral of the story: Don’t be afraid to send celebrities myspace marriage proposals. Sometimes they say yes and make you the happiest girl alive.

I would really love to chat, but I have a wedding to plan. I wonder if I can get a super snazzy dress made by some fancy celebrity designer or something. OOOOH! I wonder if Natalie Portman will be my maid of honor!

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