Lately my life has been a whirlwind of emotion and frustration. Between my job (and the fact that, even though I love what I do and the people I deal with, I am starting to dread it), my relationships, and my financial situation, I can barely keep my head straight.
I have a habit of holding emotions in and not really addressing my REAL issues. I take things out on people who don't deserve it and I misdirect my frustration and it comes out in places it shouldn't. It is my opinion that, lately especially, all this displaced frustration is causing everything else to sort of...explode. I am sad and I am angry and I am exhausted. More and more, I find myself getting aggitated and forgetful. I try to stay optimistic and centered and more and more I find that I can't.
Over the past few months, there have been family stressors like numerous hospital stays, broken bones, unexplained conditions and realizations that grandparents don't stay around forever (like I have to be told this, right?) and I have been on the verge of sticking my head in the oven.
I am not even going to touch on finances because, holy brokeness, Batman...I can't even begin to describe that mess.
Bottom line? I am losing it. I am starting to hate everything. And to be honest, internet, it isn't my best look. Hand over the antipsychotics.

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