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I miss Sean. It is miserable to miss someone who is as far away as he is. Stupid huge country. It makes me sad.

I feel like I had a dream about Eddie Vedder last night. Probably the same one I have had for like, ten years. The one where he comes to my high school and does a show in the senior courtyard and then me and Tory had heart attacks.

D once had a dream that I met him at the Freebird when I was moving in. (Yes, I was moving in to the Freebird) and then I kissed him…and Jeremy got mad (you know, being my boyfriend and all) and I just kept yelling, “He is on my FIVE LIST!”

At least I haven’t started dreaming about Phil Collins, who already haunts me all day, every day.

Good things about today:
After work, I get to drink green beer.
Boy brought cupcakes.
I am not vomiting.
Last year, at this time, I was on my way to enjoy drunken debauchery in Savannah with Jason singing on one side of me and Billy sleeping on the other. Damn...A whole year since the famed kilt incident...and I still can't talk about it.

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Pookie.... said...

Kilt accident????