The storm woke me up last night. Funny how so many people say that the sound of the rain helps them sleep but it always wakes me up. It is like, it knocks on my window so that I know that I will be in a cranky mood the next day. Like it is warning me to call in sick before it gets too late. I never do call in sick. And actually, I am not feeling all that cranky today. Maybe because when I left the house this morning, even though the road was soaked and the sky was cloudy, over the ocean, it was clear. I could see the glowing orange strips of fluff getting brighter and brighter in my rearview mirror as I drove away. I love that time of day. Even though I rarely see it except to come to work. I will have to watch the sunrise this weekend. Just because I can.

I am going to miss just having that option when I move. And really, it isn’t like it won’t be an option, I just can’t stumble out there barefoot like now. I will have to cross a road. With cars on it. Ones that will be going, no less. I don’t really like that. I like where I am, I like not having to drive to see it and I like that no one has to see me. Oh well…some day I will own one of the houses in my neighborhood. One day, I will be even closer than I am now. I will live in a hut out on stilts in Figi. My house is already there, waiting for me. I have seen pictures.

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