Things I learned today:
1. My blues name is "Sticky Bones Jackson".
2. Les has no control over his fingers and they make quotations for every words which has over three syllables.
3. Just because you can wear a tube top all day, doesn't mean you will not freeze when the sun goes down.
I had brunch with Tiff, Jay, and Les this morning. It was so much fun. I am always kind of weirded out about hanging out with Les because of the history with him and Tiff. I never know how things will go. But we both had such a great time. I miss him.
Tiff had 3 mimosas at brunch and then moved on to beer and is now passed out. It is 8:30. I am actually about to do the same. We didn't get home until 4 something this morning and I feel like I'm on crack. Exhausted.

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