I wanna be a dolphin...

I absolutely must start sleeping more. I have become a zombie. I just value so much the time before I go to sleep. The house is quiet and I am alone with my thoughts. And after a day full of telephones buzzing and mouse clicking, I can really use some uninterrupted silence. Or just reality TV accompanied vegging and I find the time hard to waste. Even if on sleep.

Today I sent Boy an email that read, “Have I told you that you are a huge loser?” and he replied, “Only every day.” I felt better about everything, knowing what I know now. Knowing that he doesn’t have a clue as to how much I know. I am glad that is over. I can stop being girly and stupid now.

Poe reminds me of riding around in Sarah’s first car. With the top down. Getting my belly button pierced with Katie squeezing MY hand while I was on the table and covering my eyes so that SHE wouldn’t see. I wish things were that simple again.

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themachineghost said...

At first I read the last paragraph as "The Pope reminds me of riding around in Sarah's car."