Just like Heaven

I fell in love with Einstein’s when I was 14. I remember the first time I walked inside. I remember thinking that it seemed silly that I had only paid two dollars to walk straight into heaven. I remember not knowing anyone except Silvia and wanting so badly just to be one of those girls on the dance floor. I watched the way their arms hung loosely while they swayed to foreign music that somehow felt like home. I remember how they always had a certain melancholy and hung their heads while dancing. Never making eye contact, always seeming like they were not dancing, but participating in a beautiful, angsty ritual.

I remember sitting in the booth against the wall, (the wall that was knocked down to create more space in the later days) and watching the smoke curl from Silvia’s nostrils. I remember the smell of the salt water outside, mixed with the scent of cloves and patchouli, so thick you could almost see it. The sweet smell of my youth. My heaven. The love of my life.

I remember eventually, my insecurity wore off and I felt like I was home when I stepped inside. The smell, the lights, the people. All mine. We were a family. Even though, being one of the younger ones, the newcomers, I wasn’t always so easily accepted. But I made great friends and undying memories there. We all did. Everyone has our own piece of Einstein’s in us. Right where it matters.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Sunshine Smile"- Adorable

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