I have been a busy girl for the last few days.

Today, I was interviewed for the permanent position that I have been desperately seeking. I am not exactly sure that this is the one for me, but the fact that I was asked to interview was a nice ego boost. I was interviewed by a panel of four and will set up separate meetings with two doctors for later in the week. I wasn’t as insanely nervous as I normally am in these situations, but that might have been solely due to the pleasant discovery that my pants were looser than normal. Gotta love that.

Mother’s Day, as any holiday turns out to be when spending it with my Hispanic step-family, was filled with beer and Bob Dylan. We spent the day lounging by the pool, drinking Corona and talking about how terrible I was when I hit fourteen. Which is always entertaining. My mom actually cried when I was leaving and told me that she is proud of me, no doubt an after effect of the beer. But embarrassing and weird, nonetheless. My cousin had a bit of a melt down and left early, which put an end to the constant punching and joke cracking. All in all, a better day than had been expected. A nice way to end a great, relaxing weekend, I might add.

I had a date with a boy who might as well be a combination of a male version of me, and Marc from “RENT”. I was tempted to make him sing “La Vie Boheme”…but I didn’t. Because if he didn’t do it right, the date would have ended right there. And then I wouldn’t have acquired so many new Ryan Adams CDs…so…there you have it. I am a music whore.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: “Closet”-Pete Yorn

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