"So Faaaaaar Away....."

Half of the workweek is over and half of my office mates have moved to a different location. Half of the noise is gone and that leaves us with…damn near nothing. This morning the phones are silent and the only noise thus far has been the clicking of keys.
As peaceful as that sounds, it kind of makes me want to scream.

I did not break into my apartment last night, nor did I end up sleeping in a shelter. I made it in after only thirty minutes of almost breaking my key in half. (That would have been fun!) By the time I was in and finished with dinner, Eppernepperhart was ready to take me to St. Augustine to meet up with FH, wade through a couple of crowded bars, and take pictures of the lights. (It is really beautiful there during the holidays).

It was a good night. Very tame. Fairly short. But with good company. I do have two things to say to you, Eppernepperhart:

1. Seriously, you are NO Carole King.
2. Don’t ever listen to The Molester again. Not cool. And I hope you got him back in the manner in which I asked you to.

I got a call this morning from the attorney’s office where I had an appointment this afternoon and they are referring me to another attorney. Actually, I am kind of happy about this, because it means that when I leave here today, I can go straight home and relax as opposed to driving to the other side of town in rush hour traffic.

I suppose that “relax” is not the right term. I will go home and prepare, actually. Prepare for FH to come over and raid my music collection. Prepare for Stef to see my place for the first time. Prepare for Ricky’s arrival tomorrow. All of this extra activity is throwing me off a bit. I am out of my routine and sometimes, that bothers me more than the fact that I actually have a routine to be out of.

At any rate…thanks to Brandy for the package that UPS won’t leave at my house and Happy Birthday to John Legend…(some day we will be celebrating our birthdays together…)

And I promise to post some pictures soon. As soon as I take some that are acceptable for posting, that is.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "A Pirate Looks at 40" - Jimmy Buffett

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