Wedding Bells

I can’t tell you how happy I am that today is Friday.

I have spent the entire week awake. Running. Entertaining and being entertained. A fun week. Just left little time to rest. And being that I seem to only be able to sleep when I really should be doing something else, I have spent most of the week at work, exhausted. Not complaining, just saying.

This weekend might prove to be another of the infamous antisocial ones. I am supposed to be going to a lingerie party/bridal shower/luncheon tomorrow morning and then another friend’s wedding after that. That is too much estrogen related activity for one weekend. Let alone one day. Honestly, I would be shocked if I made it to either of these events. And no, not because I am horrible (well, maybe a little) but just because I really, really hate weddings and bridal crap.

Mainly just because I find that people will invite anyone to a bridal shower. Really. You just have to have the right parts. (And even sometimes that isn’t even necessary.) Take, for instance, tomorrow’s “friends”. Both of these girls, I have known since I was in seventh grade. But they were always just acquaintances and I don’t think that I have ever spent any time alone with either of them. No shoe shopping. No happy hours. No coffee talking. Nothing. But out of the blue, I am supposed to buy them presents because they decided to get hitched? What? No.

Granted, I don’t dislike either of them. And I am happy that they are happy and in love and all…but dammit. I don’t want to go. I have managed to go quite a while without a wedding or baby related activity and I would like to keep my track record up. (Even though, the last wedding was right after “the accident” and the one before that I was locked out of someone else’s house with no keys to…anything. Rad.) Come to think of it, maybe I should go after all. It seems that when I skip weddings and things, different annoying shit happens to me. Something to think about.

I realize that that all sounds very…bitchy…and that’s okay. If you are my friend every day and not just when you want presents, then I will come to your little party and give you little frilly baby dresses and hideous crystal things and toasters. But I will have a flask in my purse, so just keep the preggos away from the punch.

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Life Without You" - Stevie Ray Vaughn

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