Not high...Just Very, Very Fast

Today made my head spin. But totally in a good way. Now that Mrs. Bitchypants is out of the office for a while, things move a lot more smoothly. Not only that, but the mood is lighter, calmer, more content. I hope that someone takes notice and moves her to another office. That would rock my fucking face off.

But even though I was super busy, I still made time to chat with Brandy, who evidently should NOT ever take over the counter diet pills. Because even though (she says) they don’t make her high, (she says) they make her fast. "Very, very fast." And I like it. Because our conversations look more like the ones that we used to have when I was the one on speed and we had that notebook to write all of our randomness in. It had a butterfly on it. Because butterflies are beautiful and full of grace…and so are we…(ahem…)

Conversations with Brandy:

Me: Oh shit, For Squirrels just came on my launch (meaning: do you remember them?!)

Brandy: What if you said, “Four squirrels just came on my lunch”?

Me: What if I DID?

Her: Well you are just taking a ‘u’ from one word and adding it to another, so in essence, you kind of are. I’m glad you know me, because if you didn’t you might be scared of me sometimes. I can let the weird out.

Me: I love that you let the weird out. Because, you know, it compliments MY weird.

Conversations with Brandy Part Deux:

Brandy: You LOVE your job. You want to have its babies. Little (insert hospital name here) babies. They would be really sterile. And look like old ladies.

Me: …

Finally, a Thursday when I leave work…IN A GOOD MOOD…(gasp!)

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Check the Rhyme"- A Tribe Called Quest

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shirley said...

Little old lady babies would be cool. They could be in rap videos. You know, ironically!

themachineghost said...

I love our little chats.

Speaking of which, oooh you are on now! yay!

spaceface said...

Oh, Shirley...
Hmmm...Rapping little old lady babies...Oooh...what would they call themselves? OLB (Old Lady Babies)? Kind of like ODB? Hmmm...