Thanks to FIFA and a Busy Weekend

Because I have cared so much in the past about the World Cup, I decided that I would humor Jay and Spliff and try to watch on Saturday after arriving in Hoe-Town. And I wasn’t disappointed. Even though Spliff enjoys watching sports on occasion, she is still able to look past the actual sport of the game and take notice of things like this. Holy Hot Frenchman, Batman.

Thank you, FIFA, for exposing me to such hotness. I mean…excellent sportsmanship.

When Spliff and I weren’t critiquing uniform colors and checking out the hotties of the World Cup, we spent most of the weekend sipping rum and cokes, talking about bad roommates, playing trivia games and clogging our arteries with fried food.

I was not at all surprised when on Sunday, JGJ and Spliff started the “You should stay another night” dance with me. After they boozed me up, I gave in. I know, I’m terribly easy…(wink, wink.)

So, the weekend lasted longer than I thought and resulted in my driving like a bat out of hell on Monday morning to try and make it home, into the shower and to the office by noon. And, it worked. And to show that I move at warp speed, I threw in a lunch run. I am so quick, I even scare myself.

Yesterday, being the fourth, and being that I like to skip out on any sort of mandatory celebration, was spent mostly reading. There could have been a viewing of “Nacho Libre”, but instead there were two giant sandwiches, some black and tans, stolen glasses, and some toothless guys begging for money. But the beauty of the whole thing was, from our table, JGJ and I could see the fireworks from downtown. And although I find myself less and less interested in watching them every year, they turned out beautifully and I kind of wished that, like every other year, I had been watching them explode over a body of water where they seem to come from above and below all at the same time.

Nonetheless, the weekend contained all of the ingredients for a great time. Rum, good beer, great company, brunch and mimosas, fried food, gossip, trivia and fireworks. So now, I am just waiting until Saturday, when I will start all over again.


soopadoopachaloopa said...

you live a life of great romance... and no, it will never end.

themachineghost said...

He's a hottie. Not as hot as James Blake the tennis player...yowza! You andHe shaved off his dreads which is too bad but he's still gorgeous bald. Of course, my true love is and forever will be Carlos Beltran (the NY Yankee/former KC Royal).

Yay for sports! When there's hotties on the field, EVERYBODY wins!

spliffany said...

you and he shaved off his dreadlocks?? why would you do that crizzle.....WHY!? :)

themachineghost said...

haha i think i got interrupted while typing and didnt finish a sentence and then started a new one. Or I have ADD.

spaceface said...

I know, dude! I would never DO that! (And you KNOW this...) I would however break up with a guy for shaving his OWN off...but...whatever...

Brandy has ADD! Brandy has ADD! (I totally just typed ASS...HA!)