The Day Off

Despite the lack of annoying buzzing and a DAY OFF, I still managed to wake up in time to make it to work this morning.

When I checked my cell for the time, it read 7:12 and just like every morning, I buried my head in my pillow. This time, I willed myself back to sleep, all the while cursing sunlight and the corporate conditioning which results in the constant feeling of lateness.

By about 10:30, I was learning that even I couldn’t waste an alone day with my eyes closed. It was trash TV time. Unfortunately, trash TV isn’t quite the same as it was when I was in high school. Montel isn’t on in the morning anymore, rivaling Maury Povich so that I can switch back and forth when the commercials for diapers and cleaning products are on. (Have you ever noticed how there are only women in these commercials and that even still, in 2006, they are on ALL. DAY. LONG? Like all women just stay home, cleaning and changing diapers all day? It infuriates me.) It wouldn’t matter anyway, Maury’s sole topic these days seems to be “Who’s my baby daddy?” which is also irritating and painful to watch. (Ladies, seriously, if you are having that much sex with random ghetto assholes, could you AT LEAST use SOME sort of protection?) I, in record time, got sick of trash TV and moved on to more important things. Like blog surfing while simultaneously cooking turkey bacon and sipping black coffee.

I swore that I would spend at least part of the day packing things up and organizing but, in common spacey form, I have pretty much avoided doing anything constructive. (Call it rebellion, but who can you rebel against if you can’t rebel against yourself?) I have, however, managed to clean the kitchen and the bathroom so that they sparkle which is sort of helpful in the whole move situation. I mean, I see it like this, if I keep them sparkling now, then I won’t have to do so much squatting and scrubbing when it comes time to erase any evidence that I was ever here.

Either way, if nothing else, I have cleaner apartment. So, maybe all we women do IS sit around cleaning all day. But seriously, if you expect me to change diapers, you’ve clearly lost your mind. I mean, really, have you MET me?

Stuck-in-my-head Song of the Day: "Ignition (The Remix)"- R. Kelly (Dammit, why?!)

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