I’m tired.

I spent most of the weekend watching movies on the couch with Spliff and eating things I should never put into my big fat face…so naturally, I am exhausted. From all the…eating. And sitting. And all of the nothing in general.

Really, the nothing was just on Saturday. The weather was rotten and “Amelie” was calling. And even though I felt like a bum, (after drinking too much red wine and baking and eating too many cookies) I was able to justify my behavior because it was cold and wet outside. And I most certainly was not going to venture out into the world on a day like that. Ick.

The majority of yesterday was spent drinking the morning mimosas (which never really occur before noon) and listening to the afternoon reggae (which is supposed to occur around 4 but starts at closer to five). Typical of a normal Sunday in our neck of the woods. Errr…the beach. I spent the remainder of the day stressing out about having to come to work today and hang out in an office that more and more, resembles a prison (and I don’t mean that they lock us in a conference room like Michael did on “The Office” last week, although, that was effing hysterical). It’s mostly just the kind of emotional prison that I mean. I feel stifled and used and…generally unhappy…so, even when I don’t have to physically be at work, I dread going back so much, that I can’t even enjoy the Sunday evening television. It’s a crime! I can’t enjoy Family Guy because my job is sucking my soul out! A travesty!

Needless to say, I skipped the office Christmas party at my supervisor’s house on Saturday night. I had originally planned to go out of sheer stubbornness, but decided as the day went on that while I am stubborn as hell, I am NOT an idiot and I don’t really want to be subjected to the people from my office on a weekend. It’s bad enough that I have to be at work for the majority of my life anyway, but to go have to see my boss and not even get paid?! Unthinkable.

I felt bad for a minute. And then I realized that I could feel my jaw tightening at the mere thought of spending a Saturday evening with coworkers. And if I’ve learned anything about my jaw, it’s that it is always right. No exceptions. Either way, Spliff’s office Christmas party is this weekend. And from what I hear, they know how to party! And I’m not talking Mai Tais…I’m talking shots of Patron, bitches!

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