Cheesus and Brain Sharing

When I heard that an old friend was in town, I thought it would be cool to hang out and catch up, seeing as I hadn’t seen him in person for the last ten years…

Interestingly, I wasn’t nervous to see him nor was I prepared for the hilarity that would follow us for the entire weekend. Normally, when Spliff and I speak of the Crawdaddy Moose, we not only get a reaction of confusion and disinterest, but we are not countered with talk of a Shrimp Stallion. Or a Lobster Lion. It just never happens. And now, after spending two days with him and his brother, I know that not only is it possible for someone to understand, but it is also possible to carry on an hour long conversation about it over mi-mo-mi-mosas.

Naturally, we were thrilled to have an entire weekend of not even having to attempt to make sense. And it was nice to be in the company of people who wouldn’t bother to either. I’d like to go into detail here, but it would take too much energy. And frankly, my brain hurts from the atrophy it has suffered all weekend long, while I didn’t sleep, ingest anything with any sort of nutritional value, or stop laughing at nonsense.

We did, however, manage to have mind-numbing conversation with The Eye Harvester and Friend of Rasta who both seemed to have one goal. To be creepy. (Creepier than normal, rather.) And while The Eye Harvester was professing his undying love to Spliffany, I was busy trying to slide through the crowd away from Friend of Rasta who kept putting his mouth entirely too close to my ear which wouldn’t have been so weird and obvious, except that he practically has to stand on tiptoes to reach my ear. (Cringe.)

Yesterday morning, everyone was up at nine. One of us spazzing about there being too much sand, one of us wanting to immediately hit up a surf shop to buy clothes and the other two just sitting back and watching the spectacle that was (hint: The watchers were me and Spliffany). The mimosas flowed until none of us could justify being in public and subjecting anyone else to…well…us…anymore. So naturally, we got some beer, poured it into cups, packed a bag, and walked to the beach where we spent the entire day people watching, drawing Cheesus in the sand, playing Frisbee and turning pink.

And even though now, on Monday morning, before I’ve even finished my coffee or even completely woken up and I am sleep deprived and a little bit cranky, I am still in a pretty good mood. I couldn’t have asked for a more hilarious, debauchery filled weekend with friends.

Thanks, BITCHES!

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