Music as Memories

I’ve been hearing a lot of music today that I haven’t heard in a long time. Music is one of those things that helps to preserve memories of events and people for me and while I’ve been sitting here at work…you know, um…working, I have been reminded of a lot of good stuff…just thought I would share some of that in an attempt to ignore my headache…and you know…I am a sucker for music memes…

Here are some of the songs that I’ve attached memories to…

1. “Life in Mono” – Mono : Tory and I used to listen to this song on repeat while waiting for the headlights of the Prelude. (1998)
2. “Sylvia’s Mother” – Dr. Hook : I had a friend named Silvia. My dad used to drop me off at her house so that we could go to Einstein’s on Friday nights. The Grateful Dad would sing this song, the ENTIRE way to drop me off. (1995)
3. “Super Bon Bon” – Soul Coughing : Driving to Live Oak with Brandy and Tory (none of us having any idea how to drive) in a Crown Victoria (and almost dying in the process) to see Soul Coughing, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and Neil Young. (1996)
4. “It’s a Shame about Ray” – The Lemonheads : Tosh Mosh and I taped this video from MTV and watched it every day after school. Evan Dando + Johnny Depp = My favorite music video. EVER. (1994)
5. “Detachable Penis” – King Missile : First, Robby, one of the famous Middle School friends, used to write me notes, in which he would include drawings and/or blatant descriptions of his own “detachable penis” (1993). Second, getting stoned with Spliff and trying to sing it, but only coming up with the words “perpetual tenis”.(2002)
6. “The Brews” – NOFX : Skipping school with Justin (now a cop) and going to Taco Bell in his bright yellow 1968 Beetle. (1997)
7. “It Takes Two” – Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock : Riding in Eppernepperhart’s car to Orlando, or Savannah, or anywhere…ever. (1996-Today)
8. “Change” – Blind Melon : Sitting on the beach in Daytona, letting the sun kiss my face and turn me into one gigantic freckle and thinking that this album would change my life. (1994)
9. “Down by the Water” – PJ Harvey : The first song I ever danced to at Einstein’s. (1995)
10. “Gone Daddy Gone” – The Violent Femmes : Getting really stoned and playing air xylophone in my living room after school while LBG, Tosh Mosh, and Mel stared at me in awe. (1996)

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