T Minus Three Days

I woke up this morning in the kind of mood that happens maybe once in a millennium. The countdown to the new job is almost complete and this is my last Friday under the rule of the idiot tyrant and I couldn’t be more excited. It feels like the last day of school, even though it isn’t technically my last day here in the office.

So far today, I have done very little on the work side of things. I managed to spend thirty minutes chatting with Mrs. P while waiting in line in the cafeteria for our Vanilla Lattes and omelets and when we got back everyone decided that we should take an early lunch and head out to Murray Hill and get some goodies at the Edgewood Bakery. I bought cookies for the receptionists (because I am ever so sweet and completely giddy that I only have to come back here twice more) and an ├ęclair for me. I came back and chatted on myspace with Uncle D (not MY uncle), otherwise known as “The Horrible Englishman”, and then took a smoke break. Yep. I have successfully managed to make eat myself into (a big fat) oblivion and send transatlantic kicks to the shins (as payback for his sitting on my stomach and tickling me until 3am the last time we saw each other).

Tonight is the send off party. “The Others” planned an outing to celebrate my new job which will, no doubt, include table dancing, tambourines, and many, many drinks (I hope they are free, after all it is MY party!). This morning, I thought I might not want to go, but the more the day wears on, the more impatient I get. I want to play! And I don’t even care if they are as happy to see me go as I am to leave! Hand over the free drinks, bitches!

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