Old friends

When I heard Stewie Griffin letting me know that I had a text message, Pinhead was the last person I expected. He hadn’t called in almost two years, maybe more, since the final argument that ended our 9 year friendship. I have been angry at him ever since. After hearing from Tory, I thought I was done with surprises for the week, but the message said only, “will you ever forgive me? I am going to Iraq this year.” And when I heard his voice, I had already forgiven him. Because, in truth, I missed him. I miss the way that he made me laugh all the time. And even though he could be infuriating and obnoxious and impossible, he was a good friend to me.

Tory was more difficult. Talking to her was more strained. I wasn't sure if I'd wanted to because I knew that in doing so, it meant I had to (once again) be on guard. Rack and I tried for so long to get in touch with her and she never returned the favor. She was once my best friend. She introduced me to JB, to Jer, and to J...and to Spliff. I want things to be like they were. But I don't know if I trust her. She says that she had no way to find me after the "cell phone washing of 2004" and that she had some issues that prevented her from trying. But it still hurt my feelings to know that I was so easy to forget about after all of those years.

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