There is a guy sitting in my yard playing the guitar and singing right now. And the only noise coming from my apartment is the clicking of keys. Now I can totally see why we are getting kicked out. Oh…wait…

I wish I could say that there has been a lot of fun stuff going on with me lately, but I can only say this, I am broke, I have cramps, and I hate my landlord. I’ve been feeling pretty…”blah”…lately. I am pissed off at my skin, my stomach, God, primetime television, people who have money, the weather, gas prices, American History, myspace, my general lack of creativity or anything interesting to say, my stupid fucking back, pretty much everything.

I’ve been spending most of my time watching bad TV and fantasizing about faking my own death and running off to a deserted island. And wondering why Sundance Head thought it was a good idea to sing “Jeremy” on American Idol last night. Seriously. I think that if you aren’t Eddie Vedder, you should not attempt to sing his songs. Stop it.

School started this week and I got started with my assignments early so that I didn’t have to worry about them over the weekend. I felt good about that, but then I got to the History assignment that I just can’t bring myself to do. I can’t read about history. I can’t do it. Pinhead used to do my history homework. (Keep in mind that I failed.)

Speaking of Jeremies and Pinheads.

I checked Jer’s myspace profile today. I found him a few months ago, realized it was set to private (I hate it when people do that!) and never checked again. Well, it isn’t private anymore. And it honestly wasn’t very interesting. Seems he is back into the import car scene (thank Cheesus I am not around for Round Two of that shit) and everything else I already knew. Wife, blah. Two kids, blah. Looks exactly the same, blah. Same old guy. Only he had Modest Mouse on his profile, which irritates me because the only way I ever knew that music destined for sell-out, was because he was listening to it. (And yes, I AM aware that Modest Mouse already did that…thankyouverymuch.) Either way, it wasn’t all that interesting.

Since the infamous Pinhead phone call, I have been having random conversations via text with him. He keeps apologizing for everything and evidently, plans to be home in about 2 weeks. It should be interesting to see him. It’s been years. I am sort of torn. I am excited to see him, because really all I ever wanted was for him to admit that he was acting like a childish asshole, and now he did that. But I think it might be hard to drag me out of this antisocial slump I’ve been in. But I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…he always was good at luring me out with him to a bar, getting me hammered and then starting a fight about something ridiculous on the way home. I can’t wait.

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