Howie Likes Bald Chicks

So, a couple of years ago…(actually, quite a few years ago, I can’t remember how long)…T and I went to Hotlanta to see Tori Amos. I had seen her twice before and she had never disappointed. Well, this time, she sucked ass. She was bland and boring and not at all like the Tori I knew and loved. Not to mention that our seats were horrible. The only redemption was that they guy that opened for her was pretty good. I had never heard of him before and he stood, so small, up there on the big stage all by himself and managed to keep my attention longer than Tori did. This little guy’s name was Howie Day.

Howie Day evidently has a temper and a drug problem. He also, evidently, likes dried up, bald pop stars that he meets in rehab. According to everyone in the world, Howie is now dating Britney Spears. Because neither one of them is fucked up enough alone, they would like to combine their insanity into one compact little ball of sad, wastes of human flesh.

I can’t say that I am shocked. Only amused. Because, if only all of us could be lucky enough to meet our new loves…In rehab. After assaulting a flight attendant. Go, Howie!

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