Another Hot Bartender!

There is a new hot bartender at my favorite martini bar…and the kicker? He is also my neighbor. He lives directly across the street. How convenient, eh? I can look out my bedroom window and watch him wash his truck. Hopefully shirtless. Just when I thought the bar couldn’t get any better, they throw in a new, super convenient hottie. I love it. This is reason #337 that this bar rocks my face off. (I know you hate me, JM, no need to repeat yourself.)

Really, that is the most exciting thing that has happened to me this week. A hot new bartender. Well, besides the doctor thing. Which, I have to be honest, I am not really even excited about. Seriously, it was pretty shocking when it all happened…but that’s just because, holy crap! Why did I waste seven years at that place waiting for a doctor to ask me out for it to just happen NOW?! (This is only partially true. There were only, like three out of the course of that time that I actually really wanted…and dammit…I still don’t have them.)

I can’t really see myself dating a doctor. They are weird. But, whatever, if I get an expensive dinner and something to blog about out of it, then I guess it will do.

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