Zen and a Clover

There is a huge used book store near my house. I had been hearing about this place since I first started college like, 200 years ago, but I had yet to explore it myself. Today, I decided to go in. Partially because I wanted a book on MLA style for writing research papers, because I am a little rusty and partially because I freaking love books. So, I go in and immediately find like 72 books that I absolutely must have and then I found "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" which I had never read. There were several copies, so I picked the one in the middle, added it to my pile and walked on. I brought my sack-o-new books home and was debating on which one I should read first. For some reason, I overlooked "How to be Good" and picked up "Zen..." I opened it up and started to thumb through the slightly yellow pages and right there in the middle, pressed between two pages, was a four-leaf clover! Is that some sort of cosmic sign that I picked the right book? That I will learn something profound? That I will win a million dollars and get to marry Ben Harper?! Is it?! IS IT?!

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