A Jobby-Job

Well, I did it, folks. I got a job. I am pretty excited about it actually. It is only part-time, which will still allow me the time that I need for school work, hangover recovery and being generally antisocial, but it will also mean that I will get to spend a little time doing something that doesn't involve books or booze. The position is at a nursing home as an activities director. This basically means that I will be dealing with old people and Bingo. It just so happens that I love both of these things dearly.

When I was a kid, I spent a good deal of time with my best friend and her mom at the nursing home that she worked at as an activities director. I was about eight or nine and I loved spending my weekend days calling Bingo and visiting the patients in their rooms. They told stories and they taught us ballet. (Seriously, there was this 80-year-old woman who had been a dancer and she used to teach us all kinds of crazy things.) I am super excited about the whole thing.

When I first started working in the medical field a trillion years ago, I loved talking to the patients. They were all so interesting and they gave me a huge appreciation for people. Over time, I lost the contact with the patients that I had when I started and took several positions because of money and I got disillusioned and wanted out. When I decided to start working again, I swore to myself that I would, under no circumstances, take a job that gave me no contact with people. And I seem to have found the perfect thing. GO ME!


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Congrats to you!

You rock it hard...I loved it when I worked with the elderly. And being activities director sounds like a groovy job. Bingo is the shiz.