Out of Hiding...Sort of...

The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. I managed to get the sinus infection from hell the day after Magfest and then struggle to get rid of it through the Ben Harper show and work and tests and a bunch of wine drinking with Spliff and The Molester. I think it has gotten out of my system now and I am pretty excited not to feel like I have been hit by a bus.

I picked up another job at a book store, just for the holidays and am starting some time this week. I am pretty excited about the discount even though the thought of Black Friday makes me want to run and hide. But it will be nice to be surrounded by so many good books all day, even if I don't get to just sit around and read them. I figured that I might as well do a little more with my time and make a little extra cash for the holidays. I have managed to do just what I intended to do and take a 5 month vacation involving sleeping late, doing homework, visiting friends and seeing shows and I am perfectly okay with giving up my free time during my least favorite time of year. That's right, people, just call me Scrooge.

This year, I fully intend to pretend that the holidays are not happening and spend them working my arse off. I don't want pumpkin pie or a tryptophan overdose. Mostly though, I don't want to turn 28. I am thinking that if I just ignore the birthday, it won't happen. You think it will work?

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