I know...I have been inconsistent and boring. And for this, blogosphere, I apologize. The fact is that I have been working so much that it is nearly impossible for me to get in the right frame of mind to actually think of something interesting to blog about. So, I have been...doing other things. Things that don't really amount to much other than stress and things that are, like my thoughts, very uninteresting. I am still on the fence about the cat situation with Jer. He and I have been talking about it and he seems to be dead-set on getting rid of him...which really still pisses me off. And not just because I have to talk to him. (Although, it irks the crap out of me.)

I don't like trying to make small talk with Jer. The fact is that, while I don't harbor any hard feelings for him or his family, I really just would rather not have to pretend to care how old his kids are now or how work is going. I really just don't care. And not in a spiteful ex-girlfriend way. Just in that way that screams, "You are not in my life anymore!" Hopefully, this will be over soon and I won't end up with another cat.

I will be working continuously until a week from today. Which means, yes, I will be working on Christmas/my birthday. I volunteered to work because I would rather be making money that I need than sitting on my ass and eating. And since Spliff, despite her efforts, is going to end up in GayHamLando (Orlando, don't ask.), I would be alone when not at my mom's anyway...so, what could be better than spending half of the day getting paid to hang out with Alzheimer's patients? NOTHING. Happy birthday to ME, bitches!

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