Sleepless and Stupid

Knowing my history with Seattle and really sweet guys who live there with their children, can someone please explain to me why, today, I decided to sit down and watch "Sleepless in Seattle"? Please? It isn't like I don't like the movie or anything, but it certainly isn't a movie that I could watch over and over again like, say, "When Harry Met Sally"...so why in hell did I decide that this was a good idea?

The answer? I am a moron and I want to make myself feel horrible over and over and over again until someday, it becomes too much and I finally give in and jump off of a bridge...or the Space Needle.

Stupid romantic comedies.

It doesn't help that about 20 minutes in, there is a shot of Tom Hanks standing right in front of the Farmer's Market in what must be exactly where I took pictures from. And then right after that, Tom Hanks walks into a restaurant where I had lunch. I could actually see the table I sat at.

I am an idiot.


Dani said...

You are human....that naturally makes you an idiot! You are as far from an idiot as any human can get though! You SHOULD have watched WHMS though...this weekend when we are hatching our plan to Baker Act Brit, we can watch that! =) I miss you!

Mia said...

You're not an idiot. Agreed? Agreed.

Sleepless in Seattle makes me sad too...probably for different reasons though. I cry remembering Meg Ryan before she melted off her face with the Botox. *tear*