Uno and Karma Chameleon

We've accidentally become addicted to Uno. This happened once before with Scattergories when The Molester was stopping by a lot but it has been years since Uno has been such a big part of my life. Last week, during an impromptu visit from Clifftopher and an unexpected bottle of Captain, we rediscovered our love of the game and after the ridiculous 7 person game on Saturday, Spliff decided to officially dub Tuesday "Game Night".

Last night, "Game Night" involved my total ass-kicking of Clifftopher and Spliff and then the complete interruption of the game by The Kid and Anthony who showed up late. And then I kicked their asses too. I am an Uno shark. It's true. I draw 8 million cards and act like I am going to lose and then just when you aren't expecting it, BAM! I kick your ass. Because that's how I roll.

We had a pretty good time, actually. I suspect that, in the future, The Kid will not be invited due to his inability to stop talking long enough to keep track of what is happening in the game, but then again, after a few cocktails, neither can the rest of us and then before you know it, someone (Anthony) is dancing with a chair. I strongly recommend "Game Night" to anyone who likes a good level of madness in their lives. But, of course, you need a reasonable amount of booze or there might not be any chair dancing and that, my friends, would be a travesty.

I have to say, though, the highlight of the whole night was right about at bedtime. Spliff had long since not so subtly announced her migration to bed and stolen the music and taken it with her and TK and I were just about done with one of those conversations people have when they have just started seeing each other and aren't really sure what the heck is going on when "Karma Chameleon" came on my iPod. This is not unusual because I am a huge nerd and my iPod is completely jam-packed with music that most people would be ashamed to admit that they like (Hello?! Air Supply! WOOT!) but even in the dark, I could see TK's eyes light up.

"I love this song!"

"You aren't even old enough to KNOW this song!" (He really isn't as young as I try and make him feel, but it is fun...and the song did come out before he was born...Don't do any math, I will punch you.)

This is when he kissed me. And it was the kind of dreamy kiss that can only mean...

"I love you, Patrick Swayze."

"Did you just call me Patrick Swayze?!"

And that, my friends, is all she wrote. I kicked him out of my house and then hit him with my car.

(No, I totally laughed my ass off because that is the kind of sense of humor that I need at 2 in the morning.)

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