On Life and Bralessness

Well, folks, it would appear that Hell Week is over. This means, I will be returning to my actual office and working from there instead of toting my lappy all over the house trying to find a place to work that might ease the stiffness of my already injured back.

There are definite positives to working from home though. Like, the fact that I haven't had to wear a bra for ten days or so. Or the fact that I can catch up on my trash TV in real time instead of courtesy of the DVR. And you know, I can scream "FUUUUUCK!" at any time the mood strikes me and I don't have to go office to office apologizing for my profanity. These are all good things.

Now that the whole thing is over, though, I am dreading this upcoming week. I have no idea what kind of insanity awaits me at the office. But I am trying to wait to deal with that until it happens. After all, it is a lovely Saturday and I think I might be beach-bound.

On a side note: I am now challenging all of you to a game of Texas Hold 'Em. That's right. I have taken up poker. As of NOW.

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