What's in a Name?

Well, internet, I've just had another infuriating converstation with "Boy to Avoid". I know, I know, his name speaks volumes about why I should...you know...avoid him. But he tends to email me every once in a while to say hi. And then, ultimately and inevitably, resorts to self-depreciating comments about how he is a "worthless bastard". I don't know about you, internet, but this is not the sort of conversation I care to take part in. If my sole purpose in your life is to tell you over and over again that you are only a mild idiot and that, though you are a tool, you are not completely worthless, then you should just go ahead and find yourself a hole to crawl into. I don't care if you have daddy issues and you think that every woman you ever loved victimized you. (One of which, of course, is me.)
Sidenote: I did not do anything to this fucktard except have a boyfriend who wasn't him. That is all. It isn't my fault that he was so "in love" with me that he couldn't take it and started fucking some tart who gave him chlamydia and ruined his life. The end.
It is a given that BTA has had some pretty serious self-esteem issues. In fact, we used to work very closely together and after our falling out, he eventually had to move to a different department and then take a leave of absence from work. A mental health leave. So, it is safe to sya he is a bit "unstable" but holy shit! I refuse to be his self-esteem coach. To be honest, I humor him by speaking to him because I am afraid he is too fragile to handle me saying, "honestly BTA, I think you are a nut-job and I don't think I ever want to speak to you again."
So, I am nice and cordial and when he says stuff like, "I am a worthless bastard", I usually just say that he shouldn't speak of himself that way. That obviously there has to be something good about him because he has a wonderful wife who loves him and takes care of him. To which he says, "Thanks. Thanks for straightening my unappreciative a$$ out and reminding me that I don’t deserve her."
Conversation? Over. Fuck you, BTA. Find a hole.



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