Excuses and Procrastination

Well, internet, I made the decision today that I would come home from work and promptly start to pack things. I got the keys to my new place yesterday and am so anxious to get this moving thing over with. However, the packing is...not going well. Or going...at all. I came home, billions of boxes in tow, and sat down with a glass of wine (because I can't be productive without two things: wine and music) and then decided to check my email. This resulted in recollection of a conversation with Casper earlier about a blog I haven't read in a while, so I decided to check it out. Which resulted in my thinking about another blog I haven't read in a while, so I decided to check that one out too. Which resulted in my sitting at my computer for the last hour reading blogs while my empty boxes clutter my room even more than normal. Yes, I rock at productivity. I know. But I have said this before. I have NO attention span. None. Nada. Seriously.

But holy tons of crap, batman! I have no idea where to begin this packing extravaganza! Clothes? What if I suddenly need to wear that shirt that I packed specifically because I never wear it?! What if I spill red wine on ALL of my other shirts?! What if, in the next week, I need to dress as Flavor Flav again?! Whatever will I do?! Books? But then my bookshelf will be bare. And that is just silly. Bookshelves are made to hold books. If the books are in boxes for a week, the bookshelf will just look ridiculous! And what if I finally finish the book I have been reading for a month and have to dig through a box to find a new one!? I couldn't start there. No. The crap under my bed? Honestly, I am just afraid of the crap under my bed. I don't know what is under there and I'll be honest, internet, I am not sure I want to know. I mean, I will definitely need more wine for that sort of adventure.

This is my dilemma. Ridiculous? Nay. Totally reasonable. Right?!

I tried to justify this to you, internet, but you have foiled my master plan again. I need more wine.

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