Giving in...To Boredom...

Put your music player on shuffle....use the song titles as your answers
Story of your life...
What should they have played when you were born?:
It's About Time - Lemonheads
What song will people play at your funeral?:
My Name is Jonas - Weezer

What song will you play at your wedding?:
Memories of You - Ryan Adams

What song will you play at your 50'th birthday party?:
Pomp and Pride - Toots and the Maytals
If you get your dream life...
What song will you dance to when you win the lottery?:
Poppies - Marcy Playground
What song will you play when you get your dream job?:
Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley

What song will you play when you discover your own island?:
Joyful Girl - Ani Difranco
What song will you play when you rule the world?:
Fight for Your Mind - Ben Harper
What song will you play when you're in heaven?:
Oh My God, Whatever, Etc. - Ryan Adams

What song makes you feel....
Save Room - John Legend
Good Enough - Sarah McLachlin
Sunset Soon Forgotten - Iron and Wine
Explode - The Cardigans
Boogie - Black Joe Lewis
Give your Woman What She Wants - Taj Mahal

So Says I - The Shins
I Am Mine  - Pearl Jam
Blood Makes Noise - Suzanne Vega
What song makes you feel like you're an armadillo?:
Cannonball - The Breeders
What song makes you feel like you can fly?:
Seeing Angels - John Butler Trio
What song makes you cry?:
Harvest Moon - Neil Young
What song makes you feel like dancing?:
We Know - Talib Kweli
What song makes you feel like being emo?:
Air of December - Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians
What song makes you feel like a donut?:
Someone Keeps Moving My Chair - They Might be Giants
What song reminds you of your childhood?:
Passenger Seat - Death Cab for Cutie
What song reminds you that life sucks?:
Waste of Paint - Bright Eyes
What song makes you eat compulsivly?:
Mother - Danzig
What song makes you nervous?:
California Dreaming - The Mamas and the Papas
What song makes you need to pee?:
Norwegian Wood - The Beatles
This song describes...
Dance All Night  - Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
Your mom:
Heart In a Cage - The Strokes
Your dad:
Into the Open - Heartless Bastards

Your best friend:
Tranny - Kings of Leon (OMG...HA!)
Your stalker:
Breathless - Adorable
Your school:
Broke - Modest Mouse
Your life:
Who's Gonna Save My Soul - Gnarls Barkley
Your death:
Baby Got Going - Liz Phair
Your attitude towards life:
Caring is Creepy - The Shins

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