New Digs...

Well, boys and girls, it looks like today is the day that I put a deposit down on my brand new apartment!  I know! You can hardly contain yourselves! 
Don't get too excited though, it isn't a mansion or anything. In fact, it is pretty much a closet, but it has a deck with a view of a body of water. It isn't the ocean, but it is close and marshy!
High Points:
1. It is upstairs.  I like this because there will be less of a chance that gypsies will break in and steal my dairy products.  (As ridiculous a concern this might seem, it has happened. Never underestimate the ridiculousness of my life.)
2.  It has a deck. It is a small one, but it will be perfect for drinking a glass of wine and watching the sunset with my loving boyfriend. (Ernge.)
3. All utilities, cable and high speed internet are included in the rent. This is amazing. If this were a tangible thing, I would make out with it.
4. It has a washer and dryer.  And I won't have to delay laundry if it is raining and/or dark.
5. I won't have to become a townie. A fate worse than death. Crisis averted.
Low Points:
1. Carpet. I hate carpet. Hate.
2. Lack of bedroom. Yes, it is a studio which is not my favorite thing in the world. But I have done it before and can do it again and to look on the bright side, I do not have to buy a bunch of furniture.
3. It is not in my favorite beach town. It is in the crazy people's beach town. Which I can deal with, I suppose, as long as the landlord does not tell me that I cannot buy things in bulk or wear heels on the carpet.
4. I will no longer be walking distance to the ocean and/or anything that I would like to be walking distance from. This is really pretty lame. I am not a fan.
5. It will take me 14 minutes to get to work instead of 7. This is doable provided I can drag my happy ass out of bed.  You might think that 7 minutes is not a long time, internet, but I am a spoiled brat and that 7 minutes constitutes the majority of my awake time before I arrive at my office. 
So, there you have it.  Aside from being completely broke for the next few weeks, I am looking forward to the new digs! I am ready to get started!!! 

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