D.A.R.E. and The Hunt

It has been a long week, internet. With all the apartment hunting, wisom tooth extracting, Vicodin ingesting and ridiculous amounts of sleeping, I have barely been able to collect my thoughts. This is probably mostly due to the Vicodin. Who knew that shit was so freaking knock-you-on-your-ass ridiculous? Not I.
Some things:
1. I had to get ONE of my wisdom teeth out last week. This was urgent. It was either I was getting it taken out or I was taking myself out.  So, naturally, this experience was terrifying. I have never had anything extracted from my head before and it is not a pleasurable experience.
2. While extractions are not pleasurable. Nitrous is. Nitrous is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Somewhere in my mind, I must have known what was going on on the other side of my eyelids, but on MY side of them, things were all swirly and bright and pretty. It felt like a really short, really intense acid trip. Not that I would know anything about an acid trip.
3. After returning home from the 1960s, (or the dentist) I took a Vicodin.  Thirty minutes later, I realized that about 25 minutes of my day was actually spent having a tooth extracted and the rest of the day was spent...well...high. So in essence, it seems that I took a half-day from work to get high. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday, I suppose. 
4. Drugs are bad.
5. Apartment hunting is fun for a minute. Then it just isn't. It becomes annoying. And I had forgotten how many crazy people you meet in the process. This time, however, I can pick my own crazy landlord instead of picking one because Spliff if in love with the apartment.
The pain from my tooth (or lack thereof) is gradually getting better and the hunt is still on for, not a perfect apartment, but for one where no one else will be living. I am going to see one in two hours and I am hoping that when I walk in, angels start to sing and white doves fly around me. (Not too close though. I just had an image of myself in "The Birds".) Wish me luck, internet!

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