There are things…things happening that I am not sure I understand…Thing Two is becoming one of those guys that you don’t want to be, a friend of many years is becoming a…weirdo…and I don’t have a fucking job. I went today, to find the perfect job, and ended up at a bar with Jess…I don’t know how it happened. You start with coffee and an explanation of why you quit the company you have worked for for the entirety of your adult life, and then you end up drinking 75 beers and getting a sunburn. I dunno. There is something about being at a bar, just blocks from your apartment, looking out at the Atlantic, in the middle of the afternoon that makes you never want to work again…but it does NOT make you want to make out with the guy at the next table who comes over and says, “Baby, we should make out.” There is something about that guy that says, “Call animal control!” instead.

Turns out, I am not the only one whose career has been…severed from them. And though I am sure that everything will work out as Karma has intended (and for that, I HOPE I can be thankful…), I am a little more worried about that person than myself. Not because he is not capable. But because…I guess I am more concerned with his well-being than my own…which seems…odd. Please keep in your hopes that I will (and he) will get more job offers this week than offers to make out…(unless he would rather the make-out offers.)

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soopadoopachaloopa said...

you offering make out sessions? i don't have a job either... we should form a bike gang and ride around and make fun of people with jobs. oh, and wear capes too... i want an orange one with a big "n" on the back of it. you know to stand for "not working"