A Hangover and Some Turkey

Thanksgiving turned out to be pretty painless. Actually, that isn’t completely true.

Today, I woke up with the most tremendous hangover that seriously almost killed me. I don’t get hangovers often, but holy free shots, batman, did we get toasted last night.

My sister and I have gone out together only a few times since she turned twenty-one. And every time, it’s the same thing. We start out having a normal night, just the two of us, (and in this case, Pookie as well) and then, before we know it, we have more free shots than we ever could have asked for. And by that I mean, I almost actually turned them down. Yes, me. Almost turning down free shots. (I know, I know, it seems farfetched but…just go with it.)

Anyway, the night ended with FH getting locked in my bathroom, while I slept on my floor. I can’t explain the reason for the floor sleeping nor can I recall it, but FH has no reason to lie.

So today was spent, half on my mom’s couch trying to decide whether or not being hit by a truck would have been a faster and cheaper way of feeling the way that I did, and half stuffing my face with turkey and lumpia. Good times. After I peeled my ass off of the couch and over to my uncle’s house, I felt a lot better. Oxygen rocks.

FH and I cut out early and went to see RENT. And holy crap. I love that movie. I will see it again. I will see it daily. I will stand in line to buy the DVD (although, living in this redneck town that I live in, I doubt there will be one.) It was definitely NOT like seeing it performed live, but it was pretty awesome anyway. Pretty awesome and pretty…pretty. (I will kidnap Taye Diggs and keep him chained to my bed for eternity. Mmmm.) I was a little (okay, a lot) worried that it wouldn’t do the play justice, but they did a damn fine job.

It seems like the thing to do, so it is list time. (Being Thanksgiving and all.)

Things to be thankful for:

1. My effing fantastic friends.
2. My effing fantastic (yet slightly deranged) family.
3. Ernge. (Because he may well be the love of my life.)
4. Pinot Grigio
5. The fact that I did not kill the stupid bitch next to me at the movies who winced and hid her face every time two girls kissed.
6. Taye Diggs and Jesse L. Martin.
7. My awesome apartment.
8. Lucy (a.k.a. my new car).
9. Lumpia.
10. Good memories and the prospect of making new ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Coconut Pete said...

hi again shuga...missed having turkey with ya this year!!! Glad ya had fun tell fish head hi for me. It's not the same unless we're drinking in a hallway of a hotel lol...el yay

spaceface said...

It was most definitely strange without you there...Miss you bunches, Ricky :)

See you soon?!

themachineghost said...

I want to see RENT! Dammit, you should have seen it with me. But I have a baby, so I may never get to see a movie again.

I have no worries that it will be anything but great because its the original broadway cast (except no Daphne Rubin Vega).
I cant believe its been almost 9 years since I saw them in NYC...I was just 16 and didnt even really know what the musical was going to be about.
I am almost afraid to see it because I think it will make me so happy I might explode. Glad you had a good Turkey Day, sorry 'bout the hang over. I will talk to you soon.

spaceface said...

And that Rosario Dawson girl, she is new too...but she blew me away as Mimi!

You are going to love it...And I don't know how to tell yourself to protect yourself from explosion...it was really hard NOT to explode...