Some Thoughts on Disrespect

Alright, internet, I promise to drop the Spliff talk after this. (Maybe, it really is the most annoying thing going on in my life right now, and what would I do if I didn't share it with you? Explode? Possibly.)

The situation is this, evidently. On Monday, after speaking with a few people about a trip to North Carolina to visit some family and some friends there who all live in different places, I requested off some dates in August. Among those dates is Spliff's 30th Birthday. Okay, now maybe I should have thought about this before agreeing to the dates, but I really didn't think about it much because we can both be out of the office at the same time and have been before, so you know, it really doesn't make any difference at all. Right? No. Absolutely NOT right.

She tells me today that I was "disrespectful" by requesting her birthday off. Because you know, she MIGHT want to go out of town. "Or something." Really? So I offered to reschedule so as not to anger it. She did the passive-aggressive stupid BS that she always does and said, "No, don't cancel it, it doesn't matter." Clearly. When things don't matter, naturally, you have a temper tantrum and refuse to speak to people. I mean, isn't that the way everyone handles stuff?

Oh. Really? Only 12-year-olds do that?

Good to know.

So then I get to thinking, internet, about why requesting time off is ever disrespectful I mean, every day is someone's birthday. But usually other things are happening too. Like things that aren't about you. Right? I mean, I am correct here? Other things happen?

Well, that's what I thought.

So then I started thinking some more, internet, about some other things. Disrespect, in general.

I didn't share this little tidbit before because it is a little more personal than I care to get on the interweb, but I think it is an appropriate example of disrespect. Ahem...

A couple of months ago, actually, the day that Spliff and I had the talk about living UN-together, a few friends came over. Among them, internet, was a guy that I had been seeing very casually for the past few weeks. She was aware of this, proceded to get retarded drunk and throw herself at him. Now, he is a moron and I knew that I didn't want anything serious with him. But this is not a free pass to get drunk and practically attempt to swallow him in my very own living room. Is it? I mean, it isn't...right?

You must understand here, do I like this guy? No. Was I upset with him? No. Was that shit disrespectful? HELL YES. And he is an idiot dude and I have known him WAY long enough to know what to expect from him, but her? Really? Did I stop talking to her and throw a temper tantrum? No. Did I have a reason to? Yeah, I think I did. I should have probably just punched her in the throat right then and there, but I am an adult. Imagine that.

Now internet, I would like to to take what I have just told you into consideration and tell me which of these scenarios is more disrespectful. Go ahead. I'll wait.

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