Lesbian-ed Up for the Cause

So, internet, tomorrow is the day of the Gulu Walk. Thing Two, Rack and I will be heading out first thing tomorrow morning to lovely St. Augustine Beach to walk a few miles for the displaced youth of Northern Uganda. Spliff and I did this walk a few years ago and really enjoyed ourselves. She did, however, keep telling me that I looked like a lesbian in Tony's shorts and a sports bra. But looking like a lesbian for one day in the spirit of helping someone can't be the worst thing in the world. (I will say, though, it wasn't too much fun looking like a lesbian when we went to lunch at a really fantastic restaurant. Was NOT a fan of that.)

So tomorrow, I am gonna get all lesbian-ed up and go for a walk. I still haven't raised the amount of money I set out to, but I did pretty well considering I just registered on Monday. You can still sponsor me HERE!

Take a minute. Check out the cause!

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