On Walking and Blind Boys

Well, internet, I made my goal for the Gulu Walk (thanks!) and had a really good time with Thing Two and Rackamonie. It was a cold morning, but the sun on the ocean was absolutely stunning and after a while, the chill of the wind didn't bother me anymore. The turnout was better than two years ago when Spliff and I walked and it seemed that it was a lot better organized. They had breakfast set out when we got there and lunch when we returned. There was a raffle and some bongo drumming and some African dance (which we didn't get to see because it was moved to a different, less windy locale), which I thought was really effing rad. I got to talk to the girls who organized it this year and we discussed joining forces for a bigger, more promoted walk for next year. Which, I have to say, I look forward to. Even after all the work I put in to the screening, which didn't seem to pan out as well as I had hoped. I am no quitter, ya'll.
The rest of the afternoon was spent drinking fruity martinis at The Flamingo Room and chatting with our hilarious, albeit very odd bartender who brought me a newspaper and showed me what I would be missing if I didn't go to the Lincolnville Festival. And by "what I would be missing" I mean, The Blind Boys of Alabama!
So, Sunday morning, TT and my Uncle and I trekked right back out to St. Augustine and drank a few delicious beers (Puppy's Breath Porter, OMG...) and then got us some good ole' Southern fried soul food and planted our asses right down in the grass and watched those Blind Boys sing some gospel. I have to say, I am not a fan of gospel, but these guys are incredible. Seriously. I heard about them several years ago when they sang with Ben Harper on a few of his songs (and then later released an entire album with him). I feel instantly in love with them and even had them played at my grandma's memorial service. (Naturally, I spent a little bit of Sunday afternoon crying behind my sunglasses...but hell...I'm allowed.)

It was a really great weekend. Made me miss a lot of people, but also made me really happy to have the ones I do...

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