A Home

It took exactly seven days, but Thing Two and I are officially living in the new apartment. We spent all last week picking out paint colors and then…you know…painting walls and whatnot. I was so excited when this process started because, aside from my previous apartment, I really had never lived in a place that I was permitted to paint. (Landlords and their crazy rules!) The thing is, my landlord doesn’t care about any of it. He is prepared to do the bare minimum at the property because he knows, because of the location, he will never have trouble renting it out. Either way, we spent days and days and days going to work for 8-10 hours, coming home, changing clothes and getting covered in paint By the end of the week, we were exhausted and delirious on paint fumes and spiced rum and we were just ready to get everything moving from point A to point B.

Friday afternoon, I picked up some big ticket furniture items and then delivered them home for Thing Two to assemble. After that, it was all just a matter of getting the 80 million items from my studio apartment and spreading them about in our lovely two-bedroom. (Freshly painted, mind you…) And by Saturday night, all of the stuff had been stashed conveniently in the new “office” where it can remain out of sight (and out of mind) until I feel like I can sort through it without going completely insane. (Read: Not today.)

But we are in. Meals have been cooked, dishes have been washed, cigars have even been smoked and I have to tell you, internet, we both feel great about it. I can’t, however, say the same for Ernge, who seems more confused about the added space than anything else. He runs around the house over and over  like he is seeing it for the first time. (Which, lets face it, he might be. He is, after all , almost ten years old.)

The only pressing thing left to do is to buy a couch. Which, I haven’t owned since my days of living with Jer. More stuff to move = annoying. But, I think it will be pretty nice to own all of my stuff again. And it will be nice to have a couch to nap on.

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