Well, internet, Thing Two and I are all moved in. The furniture is in place, the remaining boxes are hidden securely in the office closet (in the perfect location to give the illusion that we are well-organized and proper), the fridge is stocked. And sometimes the bed is even made. It was quite a process. Buying furniture, however exciting it may be, sort of pisses me off. Sure, we could have gone without and filled our spacious living room with giant pillows and various inflatable seating items but we thought we should be grown-ups about the whole thing.

A couple of weekends ago, we invited the family and friends to the house for a celebration of…well, being able to fit into my house at the same time. And we drank wine, we ate delicious food (courtesy of Uncle Paul, the wonderchef) and we slow-danced until we all fell down. (Because slow-dancing when you have gone through 754 bottles of wine on a Saturday evening is not only exhausting, but dangerous.)

Number of injuries : 1
Number of glasses broken: 2
Number of friends I’ve known for more than 15 years in my living room: 4
Number of children who stayed up way past their bed-times and played inappropriate zombie video games: 1 (And no, I am not speaking of Thing Two)
Times I wished I had invited Spliff: 0

I really enjoyed finally having somewhere to entertain people that I actually wanted to entertain instead of having to run it by a roommate or re-arrange my entire apartment to fit them inside. There was always something left to be desired when I tried to entertain in the studio apartment. You know, like…chairs. So, it was fun to be able to give tours and stuff. (Woohoo!)

Work is also getting better. L is picking up everything I have taught her so quickly and it is making my life easier tenfold. Compared to the last idiot they hired, she is a genius. Which is good, because she is at the end of week three and tomorrow she is covering my caseload for the first time. And I am not even worried. (Thank you, Cheesus.)  She even seems to almost be enjoying the work, which, I guess one might if they haven’t been getting shit on for three years. But, I digress. Things are getting better every day.

Now…if this day would hurry up and end…I have martinis to attend to.

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