I always love getting comments from people who read my blog. I love it when someone actually understands what I am trying to say and can relate to me. However, far away they might be, and whatever obstacles they may be facing, they can relate to what I have to say. And it makes me smile.

We all tend to fool ourselves into thinking that no one can possibly understand the things that happen in our minds and in our hearts. We trick ourselves into believing we are completely alone. And it is always a wonderful thing when someone can take your vague explanation of emotion and tell you exactly what your heart is saying. And suddenly, you don't feel like such a freak.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that your a freak, what was written is on the tips of the tongues and the back of the minds of us all. I was just browsing and found your blogs, don't mind me, I find you interesting. The way you write about things you seem passionate but at the same time lonely. Thats what I get from your writing, its like you push people away... Are you protecting yourself? From who? Yourself? You stand alone and you stand against yourself and everyone else. Stop me if I'm wrong. I think a lot of people feel this way to some degree or another. To me it seems you have a lot people that love you... I wish I had the same. Don't think of me a freak, just a someone who shares the discontent we can't escape.

spaceface said...

I suppose we are all lonely. And I suppose we all push people away to a degree. I tend to be very versed in it. But I am working on it. I guess that is all that can be done.