Reggae got soul...

Toots was a great show. Of course, I got super tired about halfway through it and felt as though I might have to curl up in the corner of the stage for a minute and take a little nap. But after a mere four hours of sleep, I am okay. I am a little groggy but am recovering. Me and my Starbucks Latte are doing just fine, thank you.

The singer from Mofro was there, just hanging out. We finally got up the nerve to talk to him at the end of the show. He posed for a picture with both of us. He is adorable. I had a cheesy grin on my face the whole way home. The best part though was watching Tiff try to talk to him to ask him if he would take a picture with us. At least, I think that is what she was trying to say, but all that came out was, "I...um....khglahgfdjhls...hdsfkuhg..." It was classic!

I also ran into psycho rasta boy, who looked especially un-psycho and very cute. Times like those, I wish I could make him normal. Why, oh why, can’t he be normal? And why does he hang out with the skankiest girls he can find? It is rather frustrating for me.

I really do wish that I could have slept in today.

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