Today could have been normal. Could have been. (I would quote Tiffany here, but I won’t)…

So I stop at Starbucks this morning to get my usual Double Venti Non-Fat Caramel Machiatto, for which to start the day…and the girl at the window was so sugary sweet that I actually wanted to get out of my car and hug her. This is comforting at 6:30 am, because no one wants to be up that early. (And yesterday, there was a butch looking British lady who didn’t smile.

It seems like the sun came up way too early this morning, perhaps because I forgot what time the sun normally comes up because it has been so soggy and overcast here lately. It seemed out of place and I kept thinking that I was late when, in actuality, I was earlier than usual.

I have been at work a few minutes more than six hours. My supervisor, (who, since I am a “float” would function as my Pimp) who is also the administrator of the department that I am currently working in has just left. She evidently came to talk to some of the employees about some petty arguing that has been happening around the office. Which, I have evidently been completely oblivious to. I try to stay out of this crap because I just got out of a job where putting up with it was standard. I hate it.

Right as my supervisor walks into the supervisor’s office, the girl behind me tells me, “Guess what I heard! You and I are screwing _______” . The new girl, (who I will now affectionately refer to as “Skeezah”), is, from what I hear responsible for this and ______ is otherwise known as “BOY” or the boy that I have been crushing on…or MORE commonly known as THE SUPERVISOR. Apparently, we are having a hot, steamy affair. And it is all sordid and scandalous. And I am a harlot.

Now, this is all quite entertaining and ironic considering, that THIS is how I find out that he isn’t married (after I have spent the last 3 weeks trying to find out without seeming interested. And I can say NOW that, if I had known that we were having sex, I wouldn’t have been so self conscious about people knowing that I was interested!

Anyway, Skeezah is creating quite a lovely little mess here. I must say, it is entertaining to watch. However, I would prefer that my place in her little story was not under the supervisor’s desk.

I wonder if Boy knows we are an item…I sure hope I’m good!

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themachineghost said...

cool, if people spread completely ridiculous made-up rumors about you, it means you're awesome.

has he heard the rumor? 'cause you could be like "umm, since we are totally doing it, maybe we should have dinner or drinks or something...to make it less sleazy?" and you can say it in a half serious, half joking way, to be safe. And then he'll ask you out, and you guys will hook up. With a condom, to be safe.